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Do you like helping people, solving problems, and working with your hands?

With the aging baby boomer population continuing to retire from the HVAC industry in the coming years, more and more honest, dependable, and hard-working HVAC technicians will be needed in the future.

Moreover, our company (as well as the HVAC industry as a whole) is expected to continue seeing growth and expansion as more advancements are made with technology and we expand our services into new communities throughout Ohio.

As such, we encourage you to discover the benefits of pursuing a career in the heating and cooling industry. Whether you work in the field or would like to become a part of our central office team, we are looking for honest people who like helping people to become a part of our team. In many cases, a positive attitude, a desire to learn and work as a team player is all that’s required as we often pay for training as part of the job.

We offer competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package as well as opportunities to grow professionally in a company that itself is growing rapidly.

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Pursue a Career in the Rapidly-Growing HVAC Industry

If you have the desire to help others and work honestly and responsibly, finding a career in the HVAC industry shouldn’t be too hard. If this is you, we encourage you to consider the following advantages:
Five Star Heating & Cooling

Stability of Employment

The HVAC industry is a field that’s expanding rapidly, and because it’s one that demands assistance from a state licensed professional to inspect, repair, install and inspect heating and cooling equipment inside the homes of its customers and community members, it’s also one that can’t be outsourced to another country. As such, starting a career in the HVAC industry means you can count on there being steady work until you are ready to retire.
Five Star Heating & Cooling

Competitive Pay

The starting pay for an HVAC technician who is just starting out in the industry is between $28,000 and $40,000 per year. Based on your performance, continued training, and possible sales commissions, your salary will continue to increase as time goes on and you gain more experience as a heating and cooling professional.

Furthermore, as the demand for HVAC technicians continues to increase each passing year, the base income will continue to increase, too, ensuring you earn a healthy salary throughout your career.

Five Star Heating & Cooling

Opportunities for Growth

Starting off as an entry-level HVAC technician is just the beginning of what could be a promising and prosperous lifelong journey. Because entry-level technicians can continue their training and education to expand their salary to earn new opportunities (like becoming an installer or later a manager), the possibilities inevitably become more and more promising as you work in this fun industry. In the end, you can take your HVAC career as far as you are willing to work to.