Air Conditioning Repairs

When you’re experiencing the summer heat of Central Ohio in your home, you know it’s time to have a certified HVAC technician stop by for a visit. A broken AC system can bring everything else around you to a standstill, and getting the necessary repairs becomes your only priority.  We offer same-day service at no extra cost.

Do I Really Need an AC Repair Company?

If you are still unsure about whether you should call an AC repair company, here are some signs to look for before experiencing a complete breakdown:

  • Your air conditioning doesn't cool as well
  • Thermostat reads lower than actual temperature
  • AC shuts off before your home is cooled to the target temperature
  • Unusual noises coming from outside unit
  • Excess water dripping around indoor or outdoor AC equipment
  • AC Breaker trips and won’t reset and/or trips continuously
  • Fan constantly cycles on and off
  • Utility bills are higher

Many of these could be relatively simple fixes, and taking care of them now could save you money down the road!