Perks of a Whole-Home Humidifier


When the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, you know the time has come to turn on and turn up your furnace. With your furnace running 24/7, you’ve probably noticed that your use of lotion, lip balm, and even eye drops has significantly increased. One cause could be the cold temperatures outside, but unless you spend continuous hours a day outside, the real culprit is the lack of humidity in your house due to your furnace blowing out dry, hot air. The truth is, dry air is unhealthy air that can exacerbate the spread of illness and cause dry nasal passages. Having low humidity in the air is not only bad for the body, but it is also damaging to the wood in your home. Five Star Heating & Cooling Group recognizes the importance of having a whole-home humidifier in your family’s home.


Single-Room Humidifier Versus Whole-Home Humidifier

Now, most people think the easiest fix for dry air problems is getting a humidifier at the store or online. Although these single-room humidifiers are cheap and easily accessible, they only do as advertised, add moisture to one-room in your home. Single-room humidifiers have to be refilled and rinsed out only after a few hours of use. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with, then you need a whole-home humidifier. Home humidifiers are attached to your HVAC system, making every room in your home warm without blowing out dry air. The water used in whole-home humidifiers comes directly from your water supply, meaning that the panel inside only needs changed one to three times a year. Whole-home humidifiers are less work and upkeep for you and are better at removing dry air throughout your home. Here are the main ways that you, your family, and your home could benefit from adding a humidifier to your house.


Saves You Money

A desirable benefit of having a whole-home humidifier is cheaper energy bills. When a house’s air is humid, the temperature feels higher, which allows you to turn your furnace down. By allowing your heater to run less, you will be saving money.


Can Help Stop the Spread of Germs

Dry air is the perfect condition for a virus to thrive in; during the winter months, the most known and contracted virus is the flu. When nasal passages are dry, the cilia (nose hairs) can’t move back and forth to prevent germs, dust, and other particles from entering the body, causing illnesses like the flu. By increasing the humidity levels in your home, it’s difficult for germs to survive and spread, the humidity also helps your cilia move freely and catch foreign partials. The best way to add moisture to the air of your home is by attaching a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system.


Protects Wooden Furniture

Dry air in the house isn’t just bad for your health it is also bad for the wood furniture and floors in your home. Low humidity in your house can cause wood to shrink, and if the wood shrinks enough, it will begin to crack, resulting in damaged floors and furniture. If you start to notice that your home has any of the following: gaps in door frames and floorboards, fading furniture adhesives, and warping of wood panels, then the cause is more than likely dry air. Although the damage is not reversible, future damage can be prevented by installing a whole-home humidifier.


Reduces Static in Your Home

If your home is dry, there is less water in the air, which makes it hard for your body to release its electrical charge into the air, resulting in you getting shocked. The feeling of static in your clothes and the constant shocks you’re experiencing while doing everyday tasks can be extremely frustrating. If you’re starting to feel like The Flash and are ready to stop shooting lighting out of your fingers every time you turn on your TV, then it’s time to consider installing a whole-home humidifier. 


Improves Your Quality of Life

If you find yourself constantly waking up with a dry, itchy throat and a runny or even bloody nose, then you are likely suffering due to a lack of humidity in your house’s air. Dry air doesn’t just affect your nasal cavity; it also causes your skin, lips, and eyes to dry out and become itchy and irritated. For some people, these issues are accepted as part of living in a cold climate. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case; your stuffy nose and dry skin can come to a halt by installing a whole-home humidifier.


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From us to you, stay warm, dry and happy during this winter season!