7 Signs of Air Duct Problems

Dec 29, 2020 | HVAC, Indoor Air Quality | 0 comments

Our air duct systems serve an all all-too important role in the performance, efficiency and longevity of our HVAC systems. Nevertheless, as with anything that is mostly “out of sight,” they are all-too often “out of mind” as well.

Because of this, when something goes amiss, the symptoms aren’t always apparent on the surface. Behind the scenes, our ductwork could need attention, adjustment, maintenance, or sometimes replacement, and we might not even realize this. As such, problems with ductwork sometimes are the reason for certain problems we might be facing.

To help you determine whether your air duct system might be causing problems, we at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group put together the following list of signs of air duct problems:

Increased Energy Consumption

On average, ductwork is usually good for about 10 years. After years of operation, they tend to become loose; their joints might need tightening; they become more susceptible to deterioration. Wear and tear happens without warning and can create a host of problems for the HVAC system to which it belongs. Often, the first sign of a problem is an increase in a home’s energy consumption. As air ducts deteriorate over time, the HVAC system has to strain to keep up with the desired temperature. This is hard on an HVAC system and leads to poor performance, shortening the actual HVAC system’s lifespan, and reducing the effects of comfort in your home. All this should underscore the importance of preventative maintenance, during which time a professional can spot these kinds of things.

Diminished HVAC Performance

If your HVAC system just doesn’t seem to be cutting it like it used to, your ductwork could be to blame. As such, if you are thinking about replacing your system, it would be a really good idea to have a professional inspect your air ducts. In the meantime, you should ask yourself whether you have replaced your air filters recently. An HVAC system’s air filter needs to be checked frequently and cleaned or replaced regularly because bad air filters are common causes for these types of problems and more. Once you’ve eliminated that possibility, if the problem persists, give us a call.

Reduced Airflow

As alluded to above, healthy airflow plays a vital role in the performance, longevity and well-being of an HVAC system. Because of this, the condition of your ductwork plays a major role in how well your HVAC system maintains desired temperature levels. If ductwork is loose, leaky, dirty or if it gets blocked in any way it will be harder for your HVAC system to maintain adequate comfort levels. This will cause higher energy bills and other kinds of problems. So if you question whether your HVAC system’s airflow is compromised in any way, or if it seems the system is straining or not enough air is coming out, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

Air Leakage & Damage in Ductwork

Air duct systems are precisely designed and measured specifically for positioning when installed to ensure you get the most out of your HVAC system. If you have loose seams, notice loose tape, or have damages like dents or punctures, keep in mind these all hinder the effectiveness of an HVAC system. If you notice any of this anywhere on your air ducts, give us a call to assess the damage or make repairs. Our highly-skilled HVAC technicians are ready to come out and help, whether you need a quick repair or even a cleaning. They can make suggestions based on your budget and needs.

Sounds and Loud Noises Emanating From Ducts

When air ducts emanate strange noises, it is usually a sign of a problem. Sometimes, when a home’s duct system does this as the air flows through it, the air duct needs only a simple adjustment or tweek. Sometimes, it needs a repair. In any case, it’s always worth having an HVAC repair person near you come over to check it out, especially if you’re experiencing any other symptoms. We are your local trusted HVAC contractor for repairs, seasonal maintenance, installation for all types of HVAC systems, furnaces, AC units, heat pumps, and much more.

Odors, Smells & Signs of Mold or Mildew

Anytime mold develops in a dwelling, it is a serious problem that poses serious health and safety concerns. This is especially the case when mold manifests within a home’s air duct system. If mold is in the air ducts, mold spores (and often foul odors) are circulated throughout the home, which can create or worsen allergy symptoms, and other potentially serious health conditions. Because of this, if your home’s HVAC system is emanating any sort of unpleasant, or musty odor, give us a call immediately. We are your local Indoor Air Quality experts.

Poor Design, Poor Installation

Air ducts are designed and installed to optimize heating and cooling capacities in every part of the home as best as possible, with maximum efficiency and minimal energy usage. If an air duct system was designed poorly or if it was installed improperly in any way, you should have a professional look at it and make an assessment. Sometimes, the situation may call for a minor adjustment, or in the worst case replacement. Improper installation and poor ductwork design are the most common causes of residential energy loss in U.S. homes. Even if you have a brand new HVAC system that’s the perfect size, if ductwork wasn’t designed well or installed correctly it will hinder its efficiency and jeopardize your comfort levels. If you have hot and cold spots in your home, or if you aren’t getting the comfort you’d prefer, give us a call. We are always standing by!

Stop Wasting Money on Poor Performance!

Whenever it comes to the types of problems caused by a residential air duct system, the sooner you take action, the better because it’s going to need to be taken care of inevitably. As such, the longer you wait, the more it’ll cost you in the long run. We are a Five Star Rated family company built on family values and we guarantee customer satisfaction 100 percent for each and every customer, each and every time. Just check out our customer reviews!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly certified HVAC technicians, call Five Star Heating & Cooling Group today at (614) 490-7550, or schedule an appointment online now.

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