7 Ways to make my AC more effective

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Summer is here in Central Ohio. And with the hotter weather comes the higher home cooling costs.

Some experts say air conditioning systems use upwards of 70 percent of a home’s overall energy consumption during the summer. Because of this, looking for ways to curb these costs and make an A/C run better is natural.

To help you save money on A/C costs this summer, our experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group offer 7 helpful suggestions on ways to make your A/C more effective:

A/C Maintenance is a Must

If there’s one sure way to guarantee an AC unit runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer, preventative maintenance is at the top of our list. As part of a seasonal maintenance visit, our NATE-certified technicians do a safety check in addition to performing essential cleanings and providing an A/C tune-up. Without this maintenance every year, an air conditioner will depreciate over time in performance and wear and tear will develop making repairs inevitable. Although the service costs money up front and might seem inconvenient, it pays off in the long run by lowering your home’s cooling costs while prolonging the lifespan of your equipment.

A/C Air Filters

Also very important, replacing your A/C’s air filters is right up there with preventative maintenance. However, replacing them needs to happen more frequently and does not require a professional. When it comes to the performance of our home cooling systems, clean air filters are indispensable. Not only do they help keep the air in our residences clean by removing indoor air pollution. However, they also protect our expensive equipment as well. During the summertime, air filters need to be checked about once every month to ensure proper air flow. They should be replaced as often as necessary to keep the A/C unit running the most efficiently. 

A/C Condenser Coils

Located outside the home, an air conditioning system’s condenser coils have a large impact on the way the air inside of a home feels and comfort levels. Additionally, they affect the A/C’s efficiency and longevity. Their main function is to remove the unwanted heat from the air inside of the house and to transfer it to the air outside. If A/C coils are dirty or have a blockage, it hinders their ability to do this, which can cause damage to the equipment and compromise home comfort. Keep your A/C system running as effectively as possible by scheduling professional cleanings and routine maintenance every year as recommended. You can clean these on your own if you’re careful and follow instructions. However, it’s best to have the whole thing included as part of a maintenance visit.

Check Insulation 

Without adequate levels of insulation, your home cooling system will be forced to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable. As such, if you suspect insulation is an issue, you should have it checked. Adding insulation could help with A/C efficiency if your attic and walls lack it. Adequate levels of insulation is important because it provides a barrier of protection which keeps the AC unit’s cool air from escaping. With proper insulation, your A/C unit will run more efficiently while making your home feel a lot more comfortable.

Sealing Ductwork

Our air duct systems are essential to the function of all of our HVAC equipment. During the summertime, our ductwork transports the cool air from our air conditioner to all the rooms in our home. As such, any air leaks in our ductwork can force our AC unit to have to work harder than it should by allowing conditioned air to escape. Make sure to schedule routine maintenance and keep furniture and objects away from vents in the household to ensure proper air flow.

Sealing Doors and Windows

Air leaks or air drafts in the windows and doors in our home can be hard on our A/C unit.

Although the beauty of older doors and windows can be nice for aesthetics, they could also be expensive if not sealed properly. If not properly sealed, cool air escapes outside while allowing warmer temperatures to make their way into the home. If this is the case, it’s essential to caulk around them or, if necessary, replace them with newer ones that are higher efficiency to make things easier for your A/C unit.

Consider an A/C Upgrading

We understand that investing in a new A/C might seem expensive up front. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you will be saving in the long run with far more superior energy efficiency. Outdated, ineffective A/Cs will need to be replaced sooner or later. They can cause your home to feel uncomfortable even when your A/C is running at full capacity. Newer equipment can ensure a more comfortable home and energy efficiency. Plus you’ll save on repair costs you’d have to pay for to keep the older system in operation.

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