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Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?

Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?

Sep 2, 2022 | AC, Blog, Ceiling Fan, Columbus, Cool Air, Energy Costs, Energy Efficient, Five Star, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Summer

Saving money wherever possible is always a good idea! But it can also prove to be a difficult task to find additional ways to pinch extra pennies. Perhaps you’ve discovered a few methods for lowering your household’s expenses and saving money in places where you have some control. If that’s the case, good job! A common question we get asked is whether utilizing ceiling fans saves money on energy bills. This is an excellent question! So, come along with Five Star Heating & Cooling Group as we go through all there is to know about ceiling fan usage in this article. 

Do Ceiling Fans Really Save You Money On Energy Bills?     

Many people believe that using ceiling fans in their homes will automatically result in lower energy usage and, as a consequence, more savings. Although this may seem like it makes sense and falls in the “true” category, unfortunately, it is false. Ceiling fans don’t have any cooling mechanisms inside them; therefore, they cannot reduce a room’s temperature, and they don’t provide cold air. Instead, they’re designed to assist with good air circulation. 

Ceiling fans, like conventional fans, use their rotating fan blades to move the existing air in a room. This process does not lower the air’s temperature; instead, it generates a wind-chilling effect that is both cold and soothing when it comes into contact with the skin. However, don’t let this discourage you from using them! There are still some benefits to utilizing ceiling fans. We believe that when ceiling fans are used correctly in conjunction with your home’s air conditioner, they can help you save money on your energy bills. Although, it’s crucial to note that utilizing ceiling fans may not result in dramatic amounts of energy savings. 

What Are Some Methods You Can Practice To Save Money On Your Energy Bill?     

You must utilize ceiling fans with your HVAC system strategically to boost energy savings on your bill. Follow these methods to maximize the efficiency of your ceiling fans: 

  1. When you enter and exit the room, it’s a good idea to switch your ceiling fans off and on as you enter and leave. Just like it’s not recommended to leave your lights on when no one is in the room, we also don’t recommend leaving ceiling fans on as it’s genuinely a waste of energy. If no one is in the space to feel its impact, keeping a fan running with no one nearby only wastes energy.  
  1. When it’s time to utilize your ceiling fan, consider raising your thermostat setting by five degrees. So, if you normally keep your household temperature at 70 degrees, raise it to 75 degrees and turn your ceiling fan on. It’s fine to raise the temperature a tad more but do what feels most natural for you. Naturally, as your room temperature rises, your air conditioner will have to work less. But since you will be in the vicinity of the ceiling fan, the raised temperature shouldn’t be uncomfortably noticeable. Utilizing ceiling fans this way will result in lower energy consumption. And with consistent use of this method, you may see a change in your energy usage and, therefore, your energy bill. It’s a win-win situation! 

How Can You Use Your Ceiling Fans In the Summer to Maximize Efficiency?     

Did you know that the rotation direction of your ceiling fan’s blades can be altered with a specific setting? If you didn’t, no worries! Not everyone is aware of this feature. You may find this setting either on your ceiling fan’s remote control or at the base of the ceiling fan itself. In the summer, your ceiling fan should be set to turn counterclockwise to allow the warm air from below to rise up. In return, the cool air will be guided downwards where it will be more beneficial to you and your family. 

How Can You Use Your Ceiling Fans In the Winter to Maximize Efficiency?     

You may use your ceiling fans in the winter, just as you do in the summer! In the winter, ceiling fans should be turned clockwise during these months to encourage the circulation of warm air. This will cause the warm air to flow down and the cool air to circulate upwards, keeping the space pleasant and cozy! 

When you understand how ceiling fans work and utilize them accordingly, you can promote better air circulation in your home. If you’re looking for ideas on how to reduce your energy bill expenses, or perhaps are interested in upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, call Five Star Heating & Cooling Group at (614) 490-7550, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here