Frequent Furnace Questions

Dec 17, 2021 | Blog, Columbus, Five Star, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Thermostat, Winter | 0 comments

It is crucial to inspect your furnace before turning it on for the winter, and many homeowners tend to have questions about their equipment. In this article, we will be answering some frequently asked questions our NATE-certified technicians at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group receive about furnaces. 

Why Is My Furnace Not Functioning Correctly?

Unfortunately, if your furnace is not functioning correctly, there could be a couple of different scenarios. Start inspecting your furnace by examining your thermostat. Ensure your thermostat has fully charged batteries and the settings are set to HEAT. If your thermostat is correct, then, inspect your furnace and breaker box to ensure everything is on; you could have blown a fuse on your breaker, or your furnace had an emergency shut off. If your furnace is still not operating correctly, you may need to call a technician to inspect and diagnose the issues occurring with your furnace. 

Why Is My Furnace Producing Strange Sounds?

Although your furnace does produce sound, it should not make strange noises. For example, a furnace in well-running condition typically has a faint humming sound produced when the machine is running. However, some strange sounds you should watch out for are humming, buzzing, or clanking sounds. If your furnace is producing these sounds, your blower motor may be going out or is completely out. 

When Should I Schedule Maintenance Services for My Furnace?

Scheduling regular maintenance is essential for your furnace. In addition, you should schedule maintenance services on your furnace once a year and before it gets too cold outside. Doing this will ensure you don’t have any chances of going without heat or waiting on services at the last minute.

All in all, furnaces can be difficult to keep up with. Luckily the professionals at the Five Star Heating & Cooling Group got your back! Call us today at (614) 490-7550, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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