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How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

Jun 7, 2022 | Vacation, AC, Air Conditioner, Blog, Columbus, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Summer, Thermostat

Sweet summer is here! It’s the time we have all been waiting for. It seems Mother Nature has finally decided on a little more weather consistency, and your Five Star Heating & Cooling Group service professionals are ready to tackle whatever is thrown our way! June and July are Ohio’s hottest months of the year. The sun is out. Heat is at an ultimate high. And you are probably more than ready for whatever vacation plans you have for this season. Summer vacation requires a lot of detailed planning and thinking ahead. But we are here to remind you not to forget about your AC system amid all the chaos of planning. You need your AC to run in tip-top shape this season – even while you are away for vacation. So please keep reading the following to better prepare your AC system as you plan for your upcoming vacation this summer.

How Does Raising the Temperature Help?

Shutting your AC system off completely during your vacation is not recommended. There are various things that can go awry when an AC system is left off for an extended period of time. When an AC system is shut off, or the temperature is too high, then your home’s humidity levels will rise, creating an ideal situation for mold and mildew to grow. In addition, your house plants can wither in high temperatures, paint is likely to peel off walls, and wood can become warped due to the humidity. Instead of shutting your AC system off or setting your thermostat too high, set your thermostat at 80 degrees or higher. Doing this will reduce your system’s energy consumption and result in energy savings on your next bill. It sounds like a win all around!

How Does Getting a Maintenance Check Help?

Maintenance checks are a great form of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is key in maximizing your AC system’s efficiency and prolonging its lifespan. Once a year, your cooling system should receive a tune-up and safety check to ensure your system is running correctly and according to current safety regulations. Doing this ensures that your system is not running with any underlying issues that will continue going unseen until they manifest into more significant problems. If you haven’t had one performed already, we highly recommend doing so. You can call us today, and we will get you scheduled for our soonest available appointment. That way, you can cross this off your checklist before your set off for your vacation. One less thing to worry about is the best way to go!

How Does Cleaning the Condenser Help?

Your condenser is the large metal box located outside – usually in a backyard or the side of the house. It is the most important component of your AC system as it pulls in the air around it, turning it into cold air, then blowing it inside and throughout your home. Without your condenser, you would not have a cooled house in the summer months. Therefore, it is crucial the condenser receives a little TLC too! So what can you do to maintain the upkeep of your condenser? Before you leave for vacation, check the unit and see if it is layered down with dust, dirt, or pollen. If so, you can clean the unit by wiping it down or washing it off with a garden hose. In addition, it is also vital to make sure the condenser’s vicinity is free from obstructions. Things like leaves, fallen branches, small twigs, and other loose debris should not be in the surrounding the area as they can easily can get blown into the condenser’s fan blades. Outdoor items should also be kept several feet away from the unit to keep them from falling on top of it and causing damage. 


How Else Can You Prepare Your Home & Aid Your AC System For Summer Vacation?

  • You Can Dust & Clean Before You Leave- Dust and other allergens can negatively affect your home’s IAQ. So with you being away from your home, it’s helpful to your AC system to reduce as much dust, dirt, and allergens from your home as possible. Do this by dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming the day before leaving.
  • You Can Change the HVAC Air Filters Before You Leave- Your HVAC air filters should be changed every 1-2 months. So if your air filter is due to be replaced around your vacation time, you can be proactive and change your air filter out a little earlier.
  • You Can Close the Windows, Blinds, & Curtains- Air leaks can be reduced by closing windows, blinds, and shades. Additionally, if you have curtains or window treatments, draw them closed. This will help prevent energy efficiencies. It is also a good idea to keep your bedroom doors open. This will enable air to circulate more freely in your absence, thus creating a better environment with higher air quality for you to return home to.

It’s no secret that the past couple of years has been challenging for everyone. We know you are so looking forward to your upcoming vacation. So we want you to be able to enjoy it with no extra added stress on your end! Let your Five Star Heating & Cooling Group family handle any HVAC issues you may have, and allow us to show you what it means to experience the five-star difference. We would love to serve you for all your HVAC needs. Call today at (614) 490-7550, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! And last but not least, have a great vacation!