Reasons to Buy a Wi-Fi Thermostat 

Sep 10, 2021 | Five Star, Energy Savings, HVAC, Thermostat, Wi-Fi | 0 comments

In 2019 more than 1/3 of Americans invested in a “smart” device for their homes, and a Wi-Fi thermostat was the top product on that list. At Five Star Heating & Cooling Group, we understand that homeowners work hard to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and recent technology has made this luxury even easier. Our HAVC experts have put together a few essential benefits when switching from a standard thermostat to a Wi-Fi thermostat. 

Remote Control of Your Thermostat 

Because a Wi-Fi thermostat connects to the internet, it is easily controlled via an app on your mobile device. Meaning, you can manage the temperature of your home from anywhere inside or outside your home. If you’re like me and still worry about whether your thermostat is set at a proper temperature while you’re away, you can check via an app. Thus, switching to a Wi-Fi thermostat can give homeowners peace of mind when leaving their homes. 

Track Your Energy Usage

Many Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats come with the ability for homeowners to track the overall energy usage of their HVAC system. Some homeowners are curious about their overall energy consumption; however, this feature is handy for homeowners that need to stick to a monthly budget. Homeowners can set up a Wi-Fi thermostat to send an alert to a mobile device when the temperature within your home goes above or below a particular temperature. Then homeowners can quickly log on and adjust the temperature according to their budget to avoid wasting energy and money.  

Saving Energy

The most important benefit when shifting from a traditional thermostat to a Wi-Fi thermostat is your energy savings. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows homeowners the capability to create temperature schedules that work for their specific lifestyle. So, you can have your temperature set at a neutral temperature, like 72 degrees from 8 am to 4 pm, and have the temperature go higher or lower depending on the season. Therefore, allowing your home to be at your optimal comfort level after a long day at work while simultaneously saving homeowners money by not wasting energy while no one is home. 

Technology is constantly evolving and making the mundane things homeowners have to worry about, such as locking doors, turning off lights, and setting our thermostats more customizable and accessible. So, it’s clear to see why more and more homeowners are making the switch to a more modern way of life. 

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