The Gift of Heat

What is the Gift of Heat?

Working with the amazing people in all the wonderful communities we serve throughout Ohio, we at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group understand the importance of heat all too well during the wintertime. Moreover, we understand that some people are less fortunate than others, and life can seem hard for those in need.

Because we believe no person or family should ever have to go without heat or compromise their safety for lack of finances, we are making it our mission this winter to extend our products and services to those less fortunate — to those in need of heat this winter with our ongoing program, “The Gift of Heat.”

With last year (2020) and the beginning of this year being such a hard time for so many families out there struggling with uncertainty, we hope “The Gift of Heat” helps as many people as possible. If you know a person or a family in need of heat this winter, whether it be that their furnace isn’t working well or not working at all — or even if they’ve had to resort to unsafe or unreliable methods to warm their homes — we encourage you to use this form to nominate them for “The Gift of Heat.”

To nominate someone, you simply need to fill out the form below, telling us their name and address while briefly explaining why you feel they specifically deserve “The Gift of Heat.” We are hoping to help as many people as possible, whether that involves making repairs to their heating system to get it running like new again or replacing their furnace altogether, because we have been blessed by countless people in our communities, our wonderful customers, and we want to pay those blessings forward to those in need.

Thank you, and have a safe rest of your winter!

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Nominate Someone Today!

Ready to nominate someone you know for “The Gift of Heat?” This is your chance to nominate someone you know who is in need of a new furnace or needs repair done on their current furnace this winter season. Your nomination will go a long way in helping us choose a winner. The winner will not be chosen based on a number of entries, but rather on the story they tell.


  • Your nominee must live within the Greater Columbus Area, Greater Dayton Area, or Northern Cincinnati.
  • Your nominee must need either a furnace repair or replacement
  • You cannot nominate yourself