Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your A/C For the Winter 

Aug 27, 2021 | Air Conditioning, Blog, HVAC | 0 comments

As the summer comes to an end, many homeowners have a common misconception that during the winter months, they don’t need to continue their routine A/C unit maintenance; however, keeping up with your whole home HVAC system requires full-year attention and care. Here are some tips and tricks from the HVAC professionals at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton, so you can be confident you are getting the most out of your home heating and cooling system. 

Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up + Safety Check 

One of the first and most important things you can do as the weather begins to transition from summer to winter is to schedule your annual tune-up + safety check. Doing so will ensure that all parts within your unit are functioning properly and confirm that your home heating system is working correctly to keep you and your family warm in the coming months. Also, during your inspection, one of our certified professionals can check to make sure your winter A/C preparation was done correctly. At this time, they will answer any questions or concerns you may have to make sure your AC stays safe throughout the cold winter months.

Check & Change Your Air Filter

During the winter months, home cooling systems tend to get overlooked. Unfortunately, this can become a serious problem when it comes to the overall efficiency of your furnace and your home energy costs. Many homeowners don’t know that the A/C and furnace filters go hand in hand. Meaning, that if your AC filter is full of dust and debris, then your HVAC system tends to work harder than it needs to give you the conditioned air you need. Our experts suggest changing your furnace and A/C filter as soon as the cold weather hits, checking them every 30 days, and changing as needed.

Clean & Cover Your A/C Unit

Additionally, you need to clean and cover your whole AC unit to prepare for the cold months ahead. To clean the unit, you want to get rid of all the dead leaves, sticks, dead bugs, etc. Doing so will stop unwanted bugs and rodents from seeking shelter from the cold in your A/C unit. Since your home cooling system is located outside crucial to invest in a cover for your AC. To cover your unit, purchase an A/C cover from a hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. If small animals decide to seek shelter in your AC unit because it wasn’t cleaned and covered correctly, you may return in the spring and find broken A/C parts and chewed through wires. 

As a homeowner, you must remember that your whole home HVAC system is an all-year-round job and if you do not adequately care if it. It will ultimately cost you time and money that could have easily been avoided by scheduling your yearly maintenance.

Schedule your seasonal maintenance today!

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