Your Pre-Winter Furnace Checklist

Nov 26, 2021 | Blog, Columbus, Five Star, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Winter

If you are eager for this winter and already in the middle of home projects, then there are several things every homeowner should add to your list when it comes to preparing your furnace for winter. Having the right tools and resources you need can make your Ohio home more warm and pleasant throughout the season. But, of course, as a homeowner, the best tools you have are your eyes. With regular visual inspections both inside your home and out, you’ll make sure your furnace is in good shape for the season. To help homeowners know what to look for, our top technicians at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group have provided us with a handy checklist to ensure your home stays warm and cozy all winter long. 

  • Protect Your Pipes– You can do many things to protect your pipes during the winter season. If you have a local Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards, let them assist you with the best items to help protect your pipes from freezing this winter.
  • Inspect Attic Insulation– You can check existing insulation to determine if you have a sufficient amount in your attic. If there is not enough insulation, your furnace will work harder to provide your home with heat. Be sure to contact a professional if you believe your attic needs more insulation.
  • Check Your Fireplace. Make sure there’s no bird’s nests or debris buildup on the cap. Many things can be inside your fireplace, so check regularly to ensure your safety. 
  • Get Your Annual Tune-Up & Safety Check- Great tune-ups will ensure that your home heating system works in excellent condition. Remember: an annual tune-up and safety check is something you cannot avoid getting done. 
  • Inspect Electrical Components– Accurate sorting of electrical wires and components is a critical step in keeping your home safe. You want to be sure everything is connected in the right place; if not, this can result in a fire hazard. Keep you, your home, and your family safe by checking all electrical lines. 
  • Check Thermostat Settings– Your home’s ideal temperature for your heating system should provide convenience and comfort to your indoor environment. Thermostat settings for both comfort and energy savings are vital to every homeowner. 
  • Filter Changes– If you want quality air, you need to change your filter as often as possible. If you are stuck and don’t know to change it, call one of our expert technicians. 

As a homeowner, many tasks are always on our plates, and prioritizing projects is a must. So, be sure that you add this checklist to your winter to-do list this season. 

Have you tested your furnace for the winter? Or do you need a professional to test for you?

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