Why Homeowners Should Turn On Their Furnace Sooner Rather Than Later

Nov 12, 2021 | Blog, Columbus, Five Star, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, Winter

Like myself, a frequent mistake made among homeowners is that you do not need to power on your furnace until winter arrives. However, despite this common misconception, fall is the best time to start powering up your residential furnace in order to prepare for the cold weather ahead. Shifting from your A/C to your furnace ahead of time can help you save money on your monthly utility bills as well as any future issues your furnace may experience. Our experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group share a few reasons why starting your furnace sooner rather than later is essential for a warm and cozy winter. 

Finding Parts That Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Our experts claim one of the most significant reasons for starting your furnace in the fall is to find any parts that may need replacing or repairing. Doing so will allow homeowners to catch and fix any issues happening within your furnace. Before problems such as your furnace breaking down on you and your family in the middle of winter. 

Save on Utility Bills & Maintenance 

Starting your residential furnace in the fall can potentially help save money on monthly utility expenses as well as maintenance. When you start your furnace when it is already freezing cold, it takes significantly more energy and time to warm up your home than if you were to do it in the fall. Doing so in the fall will also help your equipment use less energy to keep your home at your preferred optimal comfort level when the extreme winter weather conditions hit. Additionally, many residential HVAC companies such as Five Star Heating & Cooling Group have exclusive offers for homeowners who prepare their furnaces ahead of time. 

Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

Ideally, before you take a trip across the country, you want to make sure your car is in five-star shape. The same should go for your furnace before the beginning of the unpredictable weather seasons of Ohio. If you’re like many other homeowners, including me, you may overlook checking your furnace. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems or even damages later on. Checking on your furnace sooner rather than later can help comfort homeowners that their home will stay warm and comfortable all winter long. 

Household responsibilities such as keeping up with your furnace can easily slip through the cracks. However, getting your home together for the winter is necessary in order to keep your home and family comfortable this season. 

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