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What Are HVAC Basics Every Homeowner Should Know?

What Are HVAC Basics Every Homeowner Should Know?

Apr 22, 2022 | DIY, Air Filter, Blog, Five Star, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Spring

Having a properly functioning heating and cooling system is a necessity that contributes to the health and well-being of you, your home, and your family. Therefore, you must know the basics about owning and taking care of your residential HVAC system as a homeowner. So, please continue reading for some tips and tricks from your Five Star Heating & Cooling Group family to better understand your HVAC system and, in return, help maximize its efficiency and lifespan.

Why Should You Practice Routine Maintenance?

Routine Maintenance is extremely important to keep your HVAC system tuned up and running smoothly. When you schedule a maintenance check with Five Star Heating & Cooling Group, our NATE-certified technicians will confirm everything works well and there are no underlying issues that can lead to more significant problems. We also check to make sure your units are safe to use per safety regulations. Complex machinery like an HVAC system needs to be inspected regularly. Doing so maintains its efficiency and prolongs the lifespan. Both the heating and cooling units should be serviced once a year before their first use of the season. But it not too late if you have not done so yet. Feel free to reach out if you have not booked your spring maintenance check yet! 

What Do Air Filters Do & Why Should You Change Them Regularly?

Air filters are an essential part of your HVAC system due to their job of catching and holding air pollutants. So, although they are a much smaller component, don’t let their significance fool you. When an air filter is enabled to do its job correctly, it leads to higher indoor air quality within your home. On the other hand, if an air filter is neglected and particle buildup occurs, it impacts the air quality within your home negatively and affects your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. Airflow will decrease due to the blockage, and you run the risk of the air pollutants and particles circulating throughout your home and polluting the air. So, take it from us, and change your filter every 30-60 days.

What About Your Ductwork? 

If you suspect your HVAC system has not been producing enough air, it’s possible there may be an air leak in your ductwork. If you have exposed ductwork in your home that you can access, it would be good to perform a quick check for any holes, gaps, tears, or openings. Should you find any, you will want to make sure those are sealed as soon as possible. Left unrepaired, air leaks in the ductwork will significantly reduce your HAVC system’s efficiency while simultaneously raising its energy consumption. Your energy bill will thank you for promptly fixing the issue! We are always here to provide you with any assistance you require.

What Information Should You Know About Your HVAC System?

You can prepare as much as possible, but life often hits us with unpredictable surprises, so you never know when an HVAC mishap will occur. For this reason, it is wise to know basic information about your system in case the need arises for you to make an informed decision quickly.

  1. The age of your HVAC system – Knowing the age of your system is crucial. Keep in mind that your furnace and air conditioner may not be the same age as each other, especially if you are not the first owner of your home.
  2. The type of furnace- What kind of furnace do you have? Does it run off of gas or electricity? Knowing your furnace type is a crucial detail to remember.
  3. The type of air conditioner- Is your air conditioning system forced or centralized air? There are various types of AC units on the market. So, knowing which type of cooling system you have is another essential piece of information we suggest learning about your system.

Five Star Heating & Cooling Group would be ecstatic to assist you with all of your HVAC needs. Whether you need assistance with swapping out your air filters or would like like to get that spring maintenance check down on your calendar, we are happy to assist you with it all! So take a chance on us as your local and trusted heating &cooling professional and experience the five-star difference today. You can reach us at (614) 490-7550 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!