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Window Units Vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better? 

Window Units Vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better? 

Sep 30, 2022 | Air Conditioner, AC, Central Air, Columbus, Cooling, Cooling Power, Easy Automation, Five Star, Ohio, Pros and Cons, Temperature, Window Unit

What are the advantages and disadvantages of window air conditioners versus central air conditioning systems? Each type of cooling unit does have its own benefits, so does one work better than the other, and is there a smarter choice? Well, the best answer should be determined by your specific cooling needs. So, whether you need to cool one or multiple rooms or perhaps you are looking for an efficient way to keep your entire home cool might just be the deciding factor when deciding what the optimal choice for you is. It is our desire that, after you read the following information, these points from Five Star Heating & Cooling Group will help you feel more confident in making an informed decision!  

Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What about the Costs?  

As homeowners, we all know that costs are high deciding factors with every purchase we make. With this in mind, let’s look into the pros and cons of window units vs. central air conditioners. If you’re the kind of shopper who looks at the price tag before considering an item, we highly suggest you consider all aspects before turning away from the more expensive choice. The first pro we want to point out is that central air conditioning can cool your whole home, so while window units are much cheaper upfront, they will not be able to cool your entire house. Window units are only able to cool the room in which they are installed. Depending on your actual cooling need, this can be considered an added benefit or perhaps a disadvantage.   

Additionally, keep in mind that the initial costs are not the only thing that should be considered during your decision-making process. Therefore, along with the upfront costs, monthly expenses should also be factored in. For example, suppose you plan to utilize more than five window units to chill five individual rooms. Although you might spend less on cooling equipment upfront, you may find yourself paying more in monthly energy costs due to cooling multiple rooms with multiple units.  

Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What Factors Should Be Considered?  

  • House Ownership: If you do not own your home, putting a central air conditioning system in may not be the best idea. You will need permission from the owner of the house. Plus, it is not advisable to have the unit moved if you were to move out of the home. Because of this, a window air conditioner is most assuredly the wisest choice if you are in this situation.  
  • Cooling Need: Your cooling needs are based on the size and layout of your house or the room you need to cool. This, of course, will have an enormous impact on your ultimate decision because the amount of space in your home that needs to be cooled will dictate which type of air conditioning you should get. The good news is, Five Star Heating & Cooling Group provides free estimates on central air conditioning equipment. So, if you are interested in having your home assessed for your cooling needs, we will have one of our NATE-certified technicians come out to your home, evaluate your cooling requirements based on the size and layout of your house, and discuss the best resolution with you.  
  • Efficiency: Efficiency matters whether you decide to use window units or central air conditioners! If you choose to go with a window unit, select a model that can cool your room correctly. Settling for the cheapest option – even with window units is never advised. A good quality model will efficiently maintain a consistent temperature. Furthermore, it’s good to note that window units are not well known for sufficient air circulation and humidity regulation. So, it’s possible you may end up with an unevenly cooled room. In addition, where central air conditioners are concerned, this same logic of efficiency applies. You’ll want to consider an energy-efficient unit when selecting a model. In summary, whether you go with a window air conditioner or a central air conditioner, you should choose the model that will do the best cooling job and keep the designated space cooled well.  

Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What are the Pros & Cons?  

Here is a summary of the pros & cons of window units vs. central air conditioners:  

Window Units:  

  • Cheaper upfront costs  
  • Sufficient only for cooling one room   
  • Easy installation process  
  • Inefficient in controlling humidity  
  • Does not circulate air  

Central Air Conditioners:   

  • Larger upfront costs    
  • Can keep the whole home cool   
  • Installation handled by a professional 
  • Provides regulation of temperature & humidity 
  • Circulates air efficiently 

We hope that this has assisted you in understanding what type of cooling unit would better serve your home and family. If you have any more questions for us, or perhaps you are interested in getting that free estimate for central air conditioning equipment, please feel free to contact your Five Star Heating & Cooling Group family at (614) 490-7550 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!